December 12, 2011

Winter Is Coming

There is gaping whole in my life that I am not sure how to fill...

It started last summer. My wife said there was a new show on HBO that she had heard of, and she felt we should watch it. Some fantasy medieval show ala Lord of The Rings. I am picky about the number of shows I watch, you wouldn't know it by the sheer amount of television I do watch, but TV is pretty good these days. Regardless, I wasn't about to add some lame Xena Princess show to my rotation. (My wife is convinced that I always say no, before yes just to piss her off.)

"But it is on HBO. You know I am right. Just watch it." There we were in Phuket, the kids asleep and here comes the opening scene...

I was sold! Within 30 seconds, I knew that I would become obsessed. We watched all ten episodes in less than a week, and I bought the first book as soon as we returned to Jakarta. I had my in-laws bring the other four books and I have been reading nothing since September.

Nearly 5000 pages later, it is done. I closed A Dance with Dragons last night and my time in the Seven Kingdoms, at least till about 2016, is over. I am authentically crushed by this empty feeling. I have been thinking about it all day. I am at a loss about what to write for this post, but feel I should say something, mark the occasion in some way.  I wanted to write this epic blog post about my thoughts on the series, the characters, the profound power of fantasy and literature, but really all I want to do is open up a book and get lost in a world so complex and exquisite that nothing else in life seems to matter.

Maybe I will need a few days/weeks to decompress and write the post I was meant to write. In the meantime I have some advice for you: 

If you have not watched the HBO so immediately. If you have watch the series, but have not read the books by Martin,  clear your calender for the next few months and get started. You will not be disappointed. Yes it is true, that I was a Dungeons and Dragons geek in middle school and naturally gravitate toward the genre, but this series is much more than that.

If you have any links or ways to get my Game of Thrones fix before 2016 please share. Maybe I will watch the series again...or maybe...start back from book one? It is that good.

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