March 31, 2012

Everything is Illuminated

I'm laying on my couch lost in a dream. One from which I hope I never wake, filled with awe and terror, I struggle to find meaning-- make sense. I'm in the midst of something grand, something bigger than understanding, something like magic. Hope. Love. Loss. Faith. I'm alive, this I know as I feel my flesh raise and my heart race.

For weeks I have traveled across time and space. Strung along to a narrative like a kite string tied to nothing visible (something invisible)--only aware it is there when I notice the line become taut or feel it slacken. Tonight I finished Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.

I know I am about ten years late to this book, but I cannot help but share some thoughts. I cannot (will not) write a traditional review for this book. It is more than a novel. It is an experience of poetic surreality. It is an experiment with words, narrative, history, fiction, art, poetry. Never sure what is happening, this book is an adventure that will leave you with more questions than answers.

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