May 1, 2012

Dress Me

I was about to send out this Tweet...
I am tired of all my clothes, my look, my style. Send me some ideas on what clothes to buy and I will do it. Crowd-source fashion. #dressme
…when I had a crazy idea. This could be a fun little project. Why not have you, dear reader and/or friend help me choose my new wardrobe. Better yet, not offer you the chance to buy me my new clothes! I know my generosity knows no bounds.

I am due for a whole new wardrobe, most of my clothes (band T-shirts, jeans, corduroy pants  and cargo shorts) are worn and holy (Filled with holes and filled with the spirit of something bigger than us. I wasn't going to use the G-word, but you are welcome to if that helps you understand the spirituality of a well-worn T-shirt) Don't get me wrong I love my Andrew Bird shirt, and frayed cords, but they're edging toward homeless-chic. I think I may need a new direction.

Here is the idea: My in-laws are coming to visit this summer and if I ask them nicely, they usually bring me half a suitcase of supplies. This loot most often consists of books, but I can cram a few items of clothing in there too. In the next few weeks, I will visit my favorite band websites and order a few T-shirts. I already have my eye on a Ben Harper shirt. I also will buy two new pairs of hemp Rainbow flip flops, (We have been through so much Rainbow and me) but what next? What else? What new?
This is where you come in. You can do one of two things based on your sense of whimsy and generosity.
  1. Send me links to cool items of clothing for my consideration. With notes that say things like, "You have to buy this!"  Or "This is pretty cool, think about it."
  2. Buy me items of clothing and send said clothes to my in-laws' house. I will send you the address if you DM or email me. (Vintage and used clothes okay)
  • My size in shorts is usually a M or L.
  • Pants 32 waist
  • Shoes 10.5
  • Shirt collar 15.5 or 16
I am looking for a cool, hip, sophisticated, eclectic wardrobe for my new life in Singapore. If you design clothes than wow! So much cooler. Go nuts. Push me. Most of you have a sense of my style (or lack there of) let's see what you can do. Come on people send me clothes or links to clothes and I will wear a piece of you where ever I go.

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