May 17, 2012

participate with it. (Us)

About a month ago, I wrote about my blossoming love of (for? to? with? Prepositions can be so vague)  Ze Frank. Since then, I have subscribed to his show, called A show, and I have been watching it religiously. This will be a long-story-short blog post, so hang on--here we go:

A few weeks ago, I watched this:

Thought it was a cute idea but never got around to it, (Side note: the idea burrowed into my brain and set roots). It seemed simple enough, this making stamps, but I didn't make (noticed I said make not have) the time.

Then I saw this:

I thought, "Damn. I can't look myself in the eyes if I don't at least try this," so I started carving. This first stamp was meant to be a trial run, so I didn't put too much thought into the symbol I used. I went back to ole' faithful-- the Azadi stencil. There is something cool about blending two separate art projects right? I hope to create a more permanent, well-thought out stamp this summer, but for now I am pleased with the Azadi stamp:

I painted my signature, added my stamp and sent it to Ze.

Why did I do this? I had a feeling that was important to me and I needed to chase my happy.


You might want to check out The Everything Thing before you leave this space.

There is a lot more I can say about inspiration, art, humor, the Internet, happiness etc...but I am tired and busy and need to go read for a bit. I have been busy all night making stamps and writing blogs posts about the process, so I will end with this:

When you are inspired, take action.  Doing things makes you happy. Wishing you would causes anxiety and suffering. Art action no mater how small, feeds your soul and inspires others. Do not consume the Internet, participate with it. (Us)

Thanks Ze.

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