June 19, 2012

Don't Worry

Don't worry about dinner; have dessert. Yeah put more chocolate sauce on that. Sprinkles too. Don't be careful or watch where you're going, don't pay much mind to anything--go with your gut, follow your heart. Jump. Yeah, on the bed, off the couch, anywhere--just jump. Get close to the TV, open your eyes wide and let the colors dance across your brain. No need to hold my hand, turn the music up, shout as loud as you can. Yeah, I know we're inside. Color on the walls, outside the lines, and on your arms, legs and chest. Sister? Yeah color on her too. Make silly faces and voices and never act your age. Sing loudly in the car and don't worry about raising your hand. Swing higher, hang upside-down and slide on your tummy. Touch this. Touch that. Get up close and smell it, step in it, get dirty. Get in the road, under the rain, loose your balance. Splash. Take off the helmet. Get it all over your dress. You don't need a napkin. Stains mean you enjoyed it. More candy? Aches eventually pass. Take your time. Waste our time. Walk at your own pace. Get lost. Ramble on and on, chase your stories, shine your light and stay up past your bedtime. Run faster, spin, get dizzy. Teeter on the edge, climb to the top branch, don't look down. You're almost there.

Feels like 
I  always say no, 
but inside 
I'm screaming yes. 
Keep pushing. 
Keep pushing. 
We'll find a balance.

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