March 15, 2013


Every time I have brushed my teeth for the last few weeks, I have listened to a strange internal narration running through my head. I see the shots, feel the words, even hear the music.

Tonight, I made it come true:

Music by CSoul


Your teeth will yellow
and appear crooked in your face.
They'll tell you about this,
but you won't believe them

Blindfolded by the invincibility of youth
the future feels so far away.
The present spiraling in circles and webs.
Wisdom, a distant luxury.

Your dreams will not come true
The "When I grow ups" will come and go
leaving you with some "what I am's"
or worse "what I should have beens."

One day the end feels closer than the beginning
and you have already forgotton so much.
A voice screams from within,
a stranger now
pleading for you to remember the promises

The places you could have gone
replaced with the place where you are.
The life you live.

Don't fret. Your mind will drift and dance through time.
You are everywhere, everyone all the time

Your teeth maybe yellow
but you brush anyway
They may identify you by them
when you are gone. 
 It was a fun way to spend Friday night. Hope you like it.

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