September 11, 2013

Wednesday Jam 3

Tonight was mellow, cuz a friend bass player came by and we tried to jam a bit. I have never played with other people and it is really tricky for me to slow down and listen to others and find the beat. I am super stoked to have Joe come by. He is coming back next week. Hoping to find a drummer. I am really looking forward to learning to play with a rhythm section.We'll see where this goes. Any advice on how I can be a better partner player would be great. I have played alone for so long, the concept of another person, much less a band is foreign to me, but so exciting.

In the meantime, managed to record a few songs. Still trying to build a batch of songs I can sing pretty well for possible open mic in the near future. It was a Pearl Jammy, Eddie Vedder night. A couple of songs I have sung before, but nice to see growth and try out different version. Older verions of  Indifference and Hard Sun, and from tonight. 

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