November 11, 2013


Like Gloried G and W.M.A, Rat falls into the bizarre musical experiment, social commentary batch of songs form Vs. Musically the song reminds me of a similar funk riff, almost rap like cadence that Vedder played with on the early B-Side Dirty Frank. But Rats does tend to open up a bit and allow for some great bluesy jamming solo work. Take a look. Love the lift and build up during the outro.

For reason's I can't explain, however, Rats has never really spoken to me and I would say it is one of my least favorite songs on the album.While I can appreciate the social commentary about the deplorable "rat-like" behavior of human beings, I never felt a personal connection to it, like I did to so many other songs from this album.

original image by amanderson2

Am I missing something? Anyone one out there love this jam? Care to enlighten me on it?

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