January 22, 2014

Wednesday Jam Flood

It's been a while since I recorded and shared some music. I have still been playing on Wednesdays, but recently two friends have been joining me on bass and drums. It has been a humbling experience to say the least. It is so hard to sing and play and keep time, but I am slowly learning I guess. We have a few songs I can muddle my way through. Hoping to maybe play some kind of set at some point in front of a few people.

But tonight neither Jeff or Joe could make it, so I was back to my solo antics, and it felt pretty damn good. It has been a while so I was just belting out the tunes. I was able to record eight songs! From  Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Grateful Dead.

Broken Down Palace by The Grateful Dead

Mad World by Gary Jules

New York by Blind Pilot

Sweet Caroline by Ryan Adams

Like A Stone by Audioslave

Bird On A Wire by Leonard Cohen

Journey To The Past by Neil Young

Four Walls of Raiford Lynyrd Skynryd

Feeling pretty good a bout a few these. I need to do some research and find an open mic soon.

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