January 13, 2015

The Grip of Fear is Already Here

There are so many nooks and crannies in our universe. So many places to crawl into and explore. Watched The Theory of Everything last night and got lost in the commitment and love Jane Hawkings was able to dish out for over fifties years, saying nothing about the physical nightmare survived by her husband Stephen. Just thinking about the world of Cambridge in the late 60's and beyond- dipping myself in and out of those times and that world.

Tonight I'm discovering Sleater Kinney for the first time. What a sound! Checking out interviews by Corin Tucker and learning about the Riot Grrl movement and Bikini Kill. Wondering how I missed it all. Maybe the egotistical drunk 20 year old version of myself was not so attuned to underground hardcore punk scene. Too bad.

But feeling grateful that I can access it now. Watch the shows, blast the music. Read the manifestos.

I think about last week's discovery of Sonic Youth and friends who are introducing me to Townes Van Zant and John Prine. Reading This Is Your Brain On Music (another friend recommendation) and learning about frequency and pitch and keys and the science of why I feel like I'm touching heaven when I here this.

Meanwhile, at work I'm turning thirteen year olds into readers, writers and thinkers.

Funny cuz just last week I was wallowing in a pit of doubt.

The grip of fear is already here
The lines are drawn,
Whose side are you on?

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