January 28, 2016

A Tornado Is Coming

I read the news today oh boy!

The Iranian president, now that the sanctions have been removed, has been gallivanting around Europe. First on a trip to Italy and now he is in France buying up airbuses and making deals with car manufactures.

At first this trip, or at least the symbolism of it, made me happy. After decades behind the veil, it feels like Iran might finally be moving away from the global pariah state. The picture of the President and the Pope was somewhat endearing. You see, we Iranian don’t see our leaders hobnobbing with the likes of people like the Pope too often. It feels strange and somehow important.

Maybe this could be a sign that Iran is finally about to re-enter the world of nations, instead of being on the Axis of Evil, denying the Holocaust, supporting Hezbollah or making nuclear bombs.

But as I read further, by newly found joy and mirth turned to skepticism, frustration and eventual rage. (It’s a joy being me.)

I began to think about how Rouhani and his chums, the clerics and mullahs, are going to benefit the most from the release of over 100 billion dollars worth of frozen assets. There is no way they will use that money to build Iran. For almost thirty years these bastards have been in charge and for what? How have they ever improved life for most Iranians? When have they ever been decent enough to think of the people they rule instead of lining their own pockets and pushing their backwards dogma?

Then I read about the statues and the wine, and I lost it!

So apparently when he was in Italy, the Vatican covered up all the nude paintings so as not to offend his holiness. In his defense, he did ask for this to be done, but the Vatican felt it would be a nice thing to do.

Well, is that swell. But get this! He was meant to lunch with the French president today. And in this case, he did ask that there be Halal meat on the table, fair enough, but that they also remove wine from the menu and not have any on the table.

Really? Really? Are we dealing with children here, that we have to worry that he might be offended of possibly seeing a few boobs and a penis, and that if he is even around a glass of wine…that what? What would happen exactly? Is he not the ruler of a nation, a people who’s history is over two thousand years old? Has he not been educated to realise that maybe the french like to drink some fuckin’ wine with their meal, and that maybe, just maybe, he can  ignore it?

So the meal was canceled, because the French refused to remove the wine! Viva Le France. They offered a breakfast instead, but Rouhani refused, saying that was “too cheap.” Palm to the face.

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, in Iran, the Supreme Leader and his cronies have decided to ban the word wine from all books published in Iran.

Ban the word wine!

It’s almost too idiotic to believe. Who do they think they are leading? A bunch of morons? We Iranians are the people of Hafez and Rumi. (The symbol of wine, as in the drunkness of the beloved) is in our blood and our poetry.

"Bring the pure wine of
love and freedom.
But sir, a tornado is coming.
More wine, we'll teach this storm
A thing or two about whirling. "

I just don’t get it. The people of Iran, with our poetry and food and culture and history are like a magical gem that can and should shed light on the people of the world. We are The Persians for goodness sake. We were doing civilisation before anyone else. And what do these jack-offs in charge do with this gem? They cover it up. Try to remove its magic and in the process hide it from the world, as if it is theirs to control.

So yeah, the president of Iran is buying planes in France, but we are still a long way from Iran taking its place on the world stage. Not sure how much longer we will have to wait for freedom from this madness. Still hoping I see it in my life time.

It seems that I get hot and bothered about news stories I can’t do much about, and I am very happy when talking about my teaching and my new exercise routine (did body pump again today)

It’s been strange and thought proving to write every night for the last 29 days. It’s a lot like running, as I rarely want to do either. It’s hard as hell while I am trying to pull out the thoughts and dress them in words, finding something important or interesting or funny to say. And it feels pretty good when it is all said and posted. It is forcing me to really be aware of the thoughts I find valuable and carry around with me throughout the day.


My trip to Kenya is only a week away- I am ready to sit on Jason​’s porch and watch the sunset and talk and catch up and see my best friend again. As we get older and live farther and farther away from our closest friends, we learn to value the short visits we can sneak in. It has been a year since I saw him and I will only be at Daraja for a week, and will be busy taking care of students, but those nights when everyone is asleep and we sit and watch the stars and talk about the past, present and future…..well that is what heaven is like. Friendships that have lasted twenty plus years are what make life worth living.

I hate that Donald Trump is making Ted Cruz look like a viable candidate. But I love how Bernie Sanders is making Hilary look like less of one.


Lessons Learned:

  • I feel a weird pride in my Iranian heritage and I hate it when the mullahs misrepresent what we are all about. 
  • Writing every night is hard work. 

  1. What do you love about your culture and who or what messes it up?
  2. What do you like writing or exercise that is hard but pays off?

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