January 21, 2016

Get On Task Huh?

I just watched all twenty minutes of the Palin Trump endorsement, because apparently I hate myself and my sanity. There is nothing new or meaningful I can say about it.

You really have to watch it yourself to understand the shallow demagoguery that passes for…actually it doesn’t pass for anything, but what it is- a show. A carnival reality show that we call American politics.

Those two aren’t even trying to hide their appeal to the…who I don’t even know. What level of American society has been so poorly treated, is so disenfranchised, so lied to and doomed that they believe and demand this horseshit?

Don’t watch it. I did it for all of us and I feel dirty inside. It’s really sad and embarrassing and demoralizing to think that the nation that birthed Fredrick Douglas, Abbie Hoffman and Susan Sontag is being represented by these two buffoons. The fact that this candidacy is not being laughed off the stage is a statement to the lack of political will and organization facing many Americans today.

And honestly I feel bad for them. I feel bad for any true GOP conservatives or even Tea Party folks who are just tying to live their lives in whatever delusional state of American nostalgia they find themselves. It can’t feel good to wave your flag and realize that you are being swindled and lied to and used for other peoples' political gains.

Makes me think, maybe we need to move back home and educate some folk. What the hell is going on over there? But then again it is easy to sit from a far and judge the idiocy spilling onto the world media stage and the Internet.

I am sure, or at least I hope, that there are thousands of people organizing in union halls and college classrooms, in work places and churches, barracks and bar rooms, to get their voices heard about issues that really matter to them and their everyday lives.

I haven’t voted in an American election, well….ever. I tried to vote for Nadar in 2004, but I never got my ballot. I haven’t voted because I have always found the act of voting a bit superfluous in a corporate oligarchy, but this time around, the stakes feel heightened. The fact that these two backwoods charlatans are making a mockery of everything American stands for, feels cheap and unnecessary. Cruel.

America and the American people deserve more than the derision and pity of the rest of the world. We are better than this god damn it. I already spent eight years living overseas under a George W. Bush presidency, to force me to endure this- It is just too much.

So I attended? Did? Endured? Completed by first Body Pump class today and it was great. I realized that I have some muscles that have atrophied to nonexistence. I’m looking at you triceps. I also gained much respect for people who exercise regularly. I’m looking at you Mairin​. This stuff ain’t easy. I’m still learning the moves and the reps and the right weights, but I loved the social aspect and the music and the fact that we were all there working together but at our own pace and fitting our own needs. I plan to go every week till the end of the year.

Who is this person I have become? Running three days a week, running races, and now doing Body Pump. I’m finally beginning to appreciate my body and feel comfortable in it. Shame it took 41 years, but better late than never.

In closing, driving home I craved in this order: Some McDonald’s Fries, a large coke, an apple pie, two cigarettes and a whiskey or scotch on the rocks. Instead, I inhaled two Reeses Peanut Butter cups and took solace in restraint and commitment over giving into my every whim.

I sometimes call kids in my class dude. Like, “Hey dude give me a break. Get on task huh?”

I can’t decide if writing these little daily, whatever they are(s), can be counted as creation or just filling dead air. I do know that it helps guide my thinking throughout  the day. Makes me think about what I think about and examine my thoughts in the light of awareness and to sit here and give them shape is an act of awareness too. It is just good practice. It’s like body pump for my writing.

Each word, each sentence, a rep, a step. That has to mean something.

Lessons Learned:

  • Politics without action is not healthy for your sanity. 
  • Don’t get angry or frustrated do something about it. 
  • Exercise only feels good when it is done, but it feels pretty damn good. 

  1. How do you live politics? What do you do to make a difference? 
  2. What do you enjoy about exercise? 
  3. What weird lingo do you use in class? 

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