January 24, 2016

The Main Thing

Woke up a bit groggy. Late night playing Frisbee golf till after midnight. Went for a run around Bedok Reservoir with Kaia, while Mairin​ was at Zumba. Had breakfast at a new place with the whole family in our workout clothes. That felt weird. Sat out a rainstorm which cancelled our swim. Went over to check out Lee​ and Cindy​’s new place. Pretty stoked to have them as new neighbours. Had a beer with Rob​, who is visiting from HK. The river flowed brown past Brewerkz. Good to catch up and see him. Too bad it was a bit rushed. Upon returning home took Kaia to a sleep over and came home to crash on the couch for a nap of the dead. Made Skyelar dinner and we watched Transylvania 2 together. Then went to see The Big Short in gold class with Mairin, capped off by a few Seinfeld episodes before bed. (Crazy Joe Devola and The Virgin)


I’m carrying a bit of anxiety about report card comment season that begins shortly. Coupled with Daraja trip preparation, it’s making me a bit nervous about how the next few weeks might go.

My biceps feel like I have been tortured after my Body Pump class week, but I am excited to go back and try it again.


The Big Short reaffirmed my mistrust of anyone working in the financial sector and my fear of ever investing anything in a fraudulent system designed to steal people’s money. Capitalism is not to be trusted. It’s amazing the level of greed and depravity that occurs on so many levels in nearly all fundamental American institutions. And now a few years later, it appears we are all back to business as usual and the crooks are scheming up a new heist.


I’m not gonna lie, I wish there would be a new Sarah Palin speech everyday. It has been a few days already since her Rock n Rollers/High Rollers speech and I feel like i need more of the brand of whacked out crazy she’s selling. I hope she sticks around a bit longer. Because, let’s face it, everything that comes out of her mouth is pure poetry. Some of the last speech was a bit like a Kerouac poem.

Alliance of the Aggrieved

You hard-working Iowa families,
you farm families and teachers and teamsters
and cops and cooks;
you rockin’ rollers and holy rollers!

Tryna get to sunny Californy' -
Boom. It's the awful raincoat
making me look like a selfdefeated self-murdering imaginary gangster,
an idiot in a rueful coat, how can they understand my damp packs - my mud packs -

to keep the main thing,
the main thing —
and he knows the main thing.

„You found his blue corpse in a greenshade edition, with axe blots'

Maybe Palin is not a crazy conservative hack, maybe she is just a misunderstood Beat poet.


In other news I am obsessed with the band Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s. Found them on Spotify and I can’t stop listening to their song Broadripple Is Burning. It’s on a three to five times a day rotation right now. Grabbed the tab and trying to get the timing down. It’s a gem.



After today I am feeling pretty grateful for stability and routine and my family and lazy Saturdays and a gang of good friends spread across the world and films that make me think and politicians that make me laugh and weep and and and... I’m just happy to write these words down right before I crawl into my warm safe bed, because I know so many other people do not have these luxuries.

Lessons Learned:

  • Even when you feel shitty get up and run. 
  • Stability is not always boring and actually can feel pretty comforting. 
  • Don’t trust American economical institutions.

  1. Give us a blow-by-blow of your day. One paragraph go….
  2. Can you make a Palin Kerouac mash up poem? 
  3. What is the “main thing” to you? 

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