February 27, 2016

Slow Fade

It was a slow one today. Lots of shine from the start, and a saint blue sky from the get-go. Later- a breeze and a few pregnant clouds too lazy to rain. It was so slow I am writing about the weather tonight.

Nothing needed to get done and nothing got done. A few meals at restaurants, some root beer and a margarita. Dealt with tantrums and arguments. Some naps by the pool, on the couch and on the bed. Yup, a three nap day. It was a day of rest and lethargy.

I laughed at John Oliver, watched some Top Chef and never let my thoughts linger on anything worthwhile. The burden of thinking too hard or caring about anything was more than I could bare. Driving home from lunch, I had a hard time staying awake.

Which is how I am feeling even now. This post feels like a cop-out. I am trying desperately to eek something out, but I don’t have the energy for anything meaningful. Sure there are thoughts about the Neil and Ferdi case or whether or not Ted Cruz really is the Zodiac Killer (Google It) but those thoughts and the stories they carry are much too heavy for me to lift on a night after a day like today.

I just need a slow fade into the darkness and more time in dreamworld. I will leave you with a few things that I enjoyed today:

  • The feeling of losing and gaining equilibrium as I jumped really high on a super trampoline at Zoom. 
  • The salty kick of the canned JalapeƱo peppers on my Nachos balanced with the sweet sugar in my Margarita mix. 
  • The heat of the bench I was sitting on as I read my book by the pool. It was too hot to lean back on, but perfect for my legs. 
  • That moment when you commit to a nap and know you will not be disturbed or asked to get up. You curl up in the fetal position and let the sleep come charging at you like a stampede. 
  • The homemade granola bars a student’s mom made for me for helping her son as part of my job. 
  • The hour of watching random youtube clips and not feeling guilty for “wasting” time. 

And that is all.

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