February 18, 2016

White Fragility

I’ll try to make this coherent, but I can’t make any promises. Not sure, but my eyes might be melting in their sockets. Is this possible? They are beyond burning, but my brain is too mushy to know if they are still in my skull. I see in vibrations in hints of light.

Another batch of report card comments done, but the light at the end of the tunnel is not close enough. A few more nights of this before it is over.

I was in Kenya when the Beyonce video broke the Internet, but I have been following the story and watching the video about ten times a day. It is so great.

There are so many things great about a powerful, successful, black women telling the world, at the Superbowl no less, to get in formation and how much she loves her “negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.” I am neither black or a women, but I find the essence of the song pretty damn empowering.

There is something to be said about the blatant pride and in-your-face call to be noticed that has to be good for black people all over the world. I just wish the girls at Daraja could hear the song, follow the stories, learn about The Panthers and know that they are not alone in their drive to be free. Now that would be a class I would love to teach at Daraja. Mr. Raisdana teaching Black power and history. What do you think Charles​, Stephen​?

I heard the phrase “white fragility” somewhere on the web tonight and it got me thinking how a people losing power and control first become fragile, then angry, then desperate, then eventually they must concede. I know we are still very far from it, but it is fun to imagine what a post-white world might look like. What would a world look like that was run and controlled by more diverse power-brokers?

Nearly everything I value from American culture- rock, hip-hop, blues, jazz, beat poetry, sports- comes from African American culture. It's this culture, the one that is not even mine, that makes me proud to be an American.

To help foster my continuing education, I've filled my Twitter feed with lots of #blacklivesmatter activist, black thinkers and writers. I hope to help ground myself in the important work they are doing.

Anyway, these feel like exciting times in American race relations. At least for an outsider watching from a safe distance away through the Internet. I am sure “exciting” might not be the word used by the people fighting the battles on their various fronts.

Looking forward to furthering my education, by making time to watch a few of these films.

Tomorrow is Friday. This is a good thing. That is all for tonight. 

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