March 31, 2016

Sun Shocked

What a day! We were all a bit sun-shocked. Everyone was rosy and toasted and burnt, but it was another wide open blue day and the sea and the sand were calling, so what could we do? We lathered up on sun screen, put on hats, and applied and re-applied and re-applied sun screen and we were back at it. We never left the vicinity of our hotel. Took the kayak out to a near by island for some snorkelling, played some beach tennis and read. Too tired to go anywhere else, we had lunch at the hotel and then naps at 3pm on the dot. Dinner in town with Joe and Sarah and my body and brain are mush. I’ve been ignoring the news and letting my mind sit empty and cooked in the sun.

It makes me so happy to watch my entire family floating in the ocean today- up and over rocks as we explored and snorkelled. Kaia is very comfortable and even swam through a tight swim though today.

We set up a bubble maker course for her tomorrow, so it is time to take it to the next level. BCD, regulator and wet suit all fitted and ready for an early morning dive trip in the morning. I cannot wait to see her face as she comes up from her first dive. Only 2m, but she is beyond excited. A few more months until she can get the official junior Padi open water, but this will be a great first taste. I have been dreaming of diving with her since the day she was born and swimming before she could really walk. Much more on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, my tired burnt body and eyes need some sleep.
Short and sweet. It’s all I got.

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