April 11, 2016

Like Starting Over

I don’t remember the last time I ran or worked on my novel. None of this is good. I have a list of excuses: it was the holidays, I was in Thailand, I had lots of marking to do, I needed a break, I am off to Manila tomorrow, first day back at school…will get started again on Monday. Next Monday. I will I promise. I have to.

It will be like starting over. My muscles have already forgotten the joy of it and my characters have been left abandon in dark closets like ignored puppets tangled in their strings. There’s guilt for sure, but it is not too nagging yet. I will start again on Monday. Next Monday. I promise.

So yeah. Back to work today after a two week break. Things were good. Kids were alert. I started a few new units and just finished all six classes worth of marking I had lingering over my head. And just as we get into the swing of things for the last term and the final ten weeks…I am off to a conference in the Philippines tomorrow night. The timing is not the best, but I am always excited to go to a city/country I have never been to. And traveling on your own, shhhh don’t tell Mairin, is pretty great. Quiet airports. Your own hotel room, I better stop and switch gears.

I have been reading my Time Hop updates lately and it is crazy how every year, it feels like every few weeks it says something like: Getting ready to go to Kenya. Just got back from Paris. Headed to Chiang Mai tomorrow. Just got back from Vietnam. I feel grateful to be able to travel so much for work and work with kids and other teachers while teaching and leaning in so many environments, but more importantly I am thankful that Mairin is so supportive and understanding and holds down the fort when I travel. I know it is not easy to run the household alone, and the fact that she does it so many times a year demands a public declaration of gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

In other random news, I was excited to hear that Ice Cube basically told Gene Simmons to shut the hell up about the state of hip hop as they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Pearl Jam kicked off a spring/summer tour. I am already checking in on their nightly set lists and following their shenanigans.

The new Ben Harper album is not blowing my socks off, but I am being patient with it. There are a few gems on the first few listens.

Apparently it is un-islamic to have a mohawk in Saudi Arabia. Who knew?

Trump has been pretty quiet lately. I guess when he loses he doesn’t have much to say. I am hoping he is thinking up something crazy to spring on us before New York.

And that’s about it.

Got an episode of Girls and the series finale of Togetherness on deck for tonight. Feeling a bit relaxed knowing I have no more making to do for a while. I am pretending like the cover plans will be easy to write and I can get them done tomorrow at school.

How was your first day back at work? If I didn't see you, take a sec and share a quip.

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