April 7, 2016

Look At It Like This

I think I have a bit of a sinus infection. Nothing major, but I am blocked up and my throat is scratchy and sore. I only bring this up, because today was a lazy day, and although it was slightly tainted by this ineffectual malady, I got quite a bit of work done.

Talking to other families I cannot believe there are parents out there still getting up at 6:45am on a holiday. We are in the sweet spot, so much so that today we all slept in until about nine, then lounged around in bed for a bit longer then didn’t do much beyond that. We took the bikes out for a spin with Lee and Cindy, to grab a very laid back and casual coffee and breakfast in East Coast park. The park was quiet, the kids were entertained and we just enjoyed each others company until we realised it was almost one pm, at which point we rode back home.

Once home, Mairin took Kaia out for some new shoes; Skye was given some extended screen time and I marked an entire class worth of writing pieces, after which I immediately took a nap.

Then it was off to dinner out and a movie. We took both kids to see Eddie The Eagle, some random film about a famous British ski jumper. We all loved it. It is cool to start watching movies with the kids that are not necessarily made just for kids. It was cute and funny and filled with great messages about working hard, passion and not worrying about winning or losing but for the love of sport.

Then back home and get this…I marked another class. That is three classes down and three to go before Monday. I can do this. I know I am not meant to be thinking about work over the holiday, but that is just the nature of being an English teacher- you ask the kids to write, they do, and you have to read it.

I am proud to say, that although reading student work can be tedious at times, these kids are do some phenomenal work. Say what you will about Teacher’s College Readers and Writers workshop, but man it produces results. This is some of the best writing I have seen from kids ever. So reading their work is actually pretty exciting.

Not a bad day when you look at it like this:

Sleeping in. Bikes. Breakfast. Bikes. Work. Nap. Dinner. Movie. Work.

But as I mentioned at the start, the mild sinus infection makes it all seem more intense, so this will be a short entry.

In closing, after hearing about Azalea Banks’ spat with Sarah Palin, I did some self-teaching last night and got myself up to speed on. Her letter on her Tumblr page was something to behold. Glad she is now on my radar.

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