April 29, 2016

Mound of Mud

I started this thing too late. My eyes are burning and I have a headache. I spent the latter part of the night watching various youtube clips- Colbert and Seth Meyers make fun of the American political landscape. Earlier we went out for a quick Mexican dinner and watched Supergirl with girls before bed. Not the most exciting Friday night, but a necessary one. I won’t talk about school today. Just another ho-hum day in late April where we got things done. It was busy and tiring and not necessarily inspiring.

There’s a three day weekend on the horizon and then it will be May. Crazy how fast time is flying, considering how much is expected to happen this month. I will use the next few days to relax and enjoy the silence.

Got an early morning hike planned at McRitchie in the morning, so I won’t torture us both, but digging for gold in this mound of mud.

It’s time for the long time out. 

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