May 20, 2016

Empty Well

Long travel day ended with a long shower, in which I had to wash off a bunch of bus grease from my feet from when I took a fall at the border whilst navigating the bus bay. Followed by a cold beer and some veggie Fajitas at East Coast park. Nice catch up with my girls. A few strums of the ole six string and a heavy dose of media consumption. The women on Game of Thrones this week? Forget about it. Watched Silicon Valley and Veep and now looking forward to catching up with some Samantha Bee and a long deep sleep.

The weekend is up me. I have some deeper thoughts about…well actually I don’t. My mind and body are tired. I am home and clean and enjoying the start of the weekend. Did I mention it is the weekend? Four and half weeks until we are in California and it is all systems go till them. The next few weeks are littered with social engagements, two units of school work to wrap up, most likely a classroom change and countless other things I can’t get into right now, because even listing them here is stressing me out.

Not much else in the well tonight.

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