May 22, 2016

Errant Pendulum

I just burped up a hint of onion from the Berg’s falafel burger I ate at dinner. We sat outside and chatted Game of Thrones and work with Katy and Steven as the traffic passed. The kids played at one table over and I enjoyed an ice cold summer ale.

I’m currently sitting in Skye’s room waiting for her to fall asleep. Leonard Cohen on the headphones let’s me know that it’s a hot and tired Sunday night. We spent time in the sun, with both girls on wheels again. Kaia started doing some basic ramp work during her skating session and Skye mastered falling on her knees and picking up speed on her blades. I mastered standing around, being encouraging whilst sweating. I am ready for my own board.

After skating and before dinner we lounged in a dark theater and watched X-Men: Apocalypse. Are my kids, especially Skye, too young for the Wolverine massacre scene? Yes, most likely, but is it fun being able to lose ourselves in comic book movies as a family? A resounding yes. What can I say- we love movies. All of them. Every kind. All the time. Every time.

We were a tired cranky family today. Every member seemed to be nursing our own unique sense of grouchiness. We were like a system of colliding particles, occasionally bumping into each other causing friction or small explosions. Such is the nature of families- beyond the happy smiling photos, there are the moments of fatigue and reality. We do not always capture those times with photos, but I hope that I am able to shed some light on the average moments in life with these textual vignettes.

Today was not a bad day. It was actually pretty nice. It is just one of those days, they usually land Sundays, when you are grateful the kids are asleep- your bones slightly ache and you burp up onions, you listen to Leonard Cohen and all that there is left to do is getting ready for bed.

Hi 6-1,

I didn’t get a chance to thank you in person as we were all so eager to get on the bus and get back home, so I wanted to send you a quick note now. Thank you so much for allowing me to tag along on your Tioman trip. I had such a great time hanging out with you all. It was a pleasure getting to know you. Spending time with you has gotten me so excited about teaching grade six next year. I am bummed I won’t be teaching any of you, but that doesn't mean that we can’t work together in other ways. If you love reading and writing and books come join our team on Off Tangent and if you are passionate about gender equality and a girl’s access to education in Kenya please join me in Daraja. There are so many of you who would be invaluable members of both of these teams.

I know we only have a few weeks left in school, but please feel free to roam down to the hall and say hi. I am in room B509. Have a great week back at school. Although I wonder if you are like me and you left a piece of your heart back on Tioman.

caught in a slight drift
like an errant pendulum
finding its rhythm

Sometimes I look at Facebook photos and I don’t recognize anyone. I scan the pics and wonder to myself, “Who are you people? How did you make it onto my feed? Which connection binds your face to me?” Then I see you, tucked in there. You are a friend from the past or maybe the present. You are usually smiling and having fun. You are frozen in a state of celebration or adventure. You are showing off your kids or your food or you life. Seeing you happy makes me happy and I enjoy watching your life as it passes by. I enjoy seeing the world through your lens.

I understand your need to be seen and liked and shared, because I feel those things too. That is why we are both here watching, liking, sharing, posing, living. Sometimes I wish there were a few photos of you hungry or angry or crying too. Maybe you can post some of those photos this week and tag me in them.

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