June 14, 2016

Born To Be

I had a brilliant post brewing all day, one that I was writing in chunks, as I walked between classes and on the car ride home, one that I was crafting in pieces from the start of the morning in the shower to just before I sat down to write, but a quick shut-my-eyes-nap and some last minute reading of student work, which was brilliant by the way, depleted the last of my reserves.

The post is important to me so I want to get it right, and I am just not in the mood to do it tonight. It is another serious one and honestly after the Orlando shooting and the news, I feel like I need a break, and perhaps you do to.

I just posted the Chili Peppers clip and it reminded me that in times of conflict and grief and pain and confusion, we cannot forget about humor and joy and freedom.

Of course we owe it to the dead and the oppressed and the voiceless to be allies and advocates, but we also owe it to them to smile and dance and carry on living. Sometimes we have to turn off the news and the opinions of the world and the facts and lose ourselves in music and beauty and the sky and everything else that might allow us to uncover some hope.

And when all else fails, sometimes we need to escape into a book or a sheath of sleep. The post I was brewing all day might need to seep a few more hours or maybe a few more days, but it has legs and has lodged itself somewhere inside me, ready for launch.

There is never a lack of things to write about, the hard part is finding the words and the time to do them justice.

Find someone to love. Find a song to sing or dance to. Dry the tears and smear the world with smiles today. Shower the world with rainbows and be as gay as you were born to be.

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