June 28, 2016

Fairfax Nights

Today is the 180th day of 2016. That means I have written 180 blog posts this year alone. One every night since January 1st. This barrage of posts has taken the Intrepidflame total is up to1002 posts since 2006.

Yup, I started the blog ten years ago and since then I have written 1001 posts. The blog has experienced nearly 200,000 page views and has had over 2000 comments. I have a few hundred posts on Intrepid Teacher as well, a few thousand words on a memoir and a few thousand more on a YA novel. So what does all this mean? Is any of it complete or done or feel finished? Not really? Does it need to? I hope not.

Most of the posts have been ramblings and explorations, but looking back it is nice to see such a growing body of work. Who knows where this is all headed or if I will every finish either of the books, but in the mean time the 2016 posts just keep coming. Who knows maybe a collection of these posts could be a book of their own. I will just keep writing. Thank you for reading.

Spent tonight in Fairfax with Josh and Lacey. Our kids played and kept themselves busy, while we drank a few pints and caught up. It was so cool to watch Josh and Lacey run court in their community in Fairfax. The sun was low and the streets a subtle golden hue. We ate dinner and walked to the local ice cream shop. I admired the Fairfax weirdness and enjoyed my vegan ice cream, while I watched our kids hang out with my friends. it is so cool watching them build these relationships with such old friends. Being an only child, this is the closest I will get to brothers and the kids to uncles and cousins from my side of the "family."

Earlier today, we were at the Doherty house, and it was so cool watching Kaia play with Thomas as Skyelar hung out with and hugged Twinkle (Karen).

It’s good to be home.

I started this post with some stats, but I will be off-line for a few days as we head down to the Tassaraja Zen Center to visit my mom. This is a Buddhist center a few hours off the main road down by Carmel. I am looking forward to watching the girls hang out with my mom. I look forward to some beautiful hikes and some mellow good zenness.

I hope to continue writing, but I will not be able to post until we are back in civilization in Monetary in a few days.

Summer time and life is good. The sky is blue. The days are long. And there is little that needs to be done

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