June 19, 2016

Should Be About

This should be a post about and for dads, the one I hoped to write after my mother’s day post last month. This should be a post thanking Mairin for being so thoughtful, as always, with the video, the cinnamon rolls, the glasses, the lazy day and the nice dinner. This should be a post about our uneventful 12th anniversary being overshadowed by Father’s Day and a vomiting Skyelar- twelve years running, who knew it could all be so glamorous? This should be the post I have been trying to write all week, the one I can’t seem to gather up the energy for. This should be a post about the love in the room last night at our end of the year staff party. What an amazing collection of people, who I am lucky enough to work with. This should be a post about the fact that there are only three more wake ups, two and a half days of school and we will be in California by week’s end. This should be a post that is about more than what this post should be about. But unfortunately this is the post that is.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, I miss you more and more each year; it has been way too long since we hung out. Also a big shout out to all my friends who are dads. It’s an honor to watch you do your thing and learn from each of you about how the hell to raise a decent human being. We might not always do it the way it is supposed to be or on a shared time table, or in any way that feels practical, or voluntarily, but when something needs to get done- you know the thing that no one wants to do? Ask a dad- We’ll do it.

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