June 2, 2016

The Next Tide

I've got a wicked cold sore. My teeth ache. My head has been hurting for most of the day. And between teaching, writing reports, attending meetings about next year, and going to the Middle School play- I am spent.

So much information was poured into my poor brain today it is a miracle I can even keep my eyes open, let alone try and manufacture something that resembles sense, let alone something worth reading.

There were many things and thoughts that occurred today, but I simply don’t have the energy to frame them in any meaningful way.

Maybe that is the lesson, that on some days you simply absorb the events, the conversations between classes about siblings in comas, the dealing with one of your kids lying, the wonder of MS theater, the need to be present with one eye on the future, your growing loathing for a certain orange-faced charlatan, your anxious hoping that Bernie pulls off California next week, you peripheral interest in the hometown basketball team, your looking forward to the weekend so you can get back on your skateboard, your pride in your friend’s short story and amazing literary career, your excitement and apprehension about playing live music in front of a crowd of your peers unsure if you will pull it off or choke- will your lip still hurt, your teeth, are you getting sick, will your voice sound any worse than it usually does- and all the other thoughts angling for a spot in your over-filled mind.

And once absorption hits saturation, maybe you just shut it all down and wait for the emptiness to creep back in and make room for the next tide.

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