June 16, 2016

Where We Want To Be

I spent all my words today in random places: in parent emails and work emails and friendly emails. In Facebook messenger and proposals for future Daraja plans. In typing up lyrics for the song I will sing at the grade 8 assembly and in the speech I will give for my mentor class.

I spent my words in texts and lunchtime conversations. In teaching classes and talking to kids about the Punk Singer, the patriarchy and how feminism could free men from toxic masculinity. I watched the boys first get defensive about the extremity of “hardcore” feminism, then I watched the girls walk them off the ledge by saying,

"We simply want to be where we want to be without having to fight so hard.”

I spent my words today, running circles in my head. In talking to kids about their learning and their growth and yes their grades. In building momentum and encouraging persistence. I spent my words today chatting up kids in the hallways and talking about my summer plans with co-workers.

I spent all my words today in random places. So sorry, if I don’t have too many left to place in your arms tonight.

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