August 28, 2016

Crimson Sleep

The haze is back and when you first get up in the morning it feels pretty shitty. The achy joints, the groggy head, the tearing yourself away from a world of dreams to one based in reality is always a tough sell, but today was a good one.

Watched the girls learn to hustle and get their game faces on as they scrimmaged a frustrated boys team to an 18-18 tie. Kaia was a ball-stealing, rebounding machine. So great to watch her gain confidence as she dribbles and shoots and passes on the court. I really hope this is something she sticks with through at least middle school.

A quick lunch and then a few errands from home, one being a purge of old clothes to The Salvation Army and putting together a book trolley for Kaia’s room, which involved an hour long trip to Ikea to get a replacement broken screw. Don’t ask.

Then a pleasant Sunday evening BBQ with friends. We chatted, grilled and ate while the kids played among themselves.

That was it. It was a simple day the way days are meant to be simple. Not much to think about, nowhere for thoughts to really dwell. Now it is nearly eight, though it feels much later. No work to do tonight and the lights are low, the music is soft and the wine tastes like a glass of crimson sleep. Tonight feels like the sigh before a big week, but I am ready and excited.

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