September 4, 2016


7:51 am, up early again and oh boy is this gonna be a crazy “day.” Back into the China Eastern universe. I have a noon flight on Sunday September 4th that lands me in Singapore Tuesday morning at 5:25 am. The flight is 26 hours, three hours longer in this direction. But I slept well last night and have felt little to no jet-lag.

Was it worth it? This grueling journey across the Pacific?

Last night Jason’s dad and uncle invited us out to dinner, but Jason was tired and preferred to stay home, so I stayed behind and we hung out. We watched a few 30-30’s (The one about University of Miami football is off the hook BTW) then we talked about something serious or funny or the past or the future. We also watched Adam Sandberg’s Pop-star and laughed more intensely than I have laughed in years.

Why did I travel across the world to watch TV? Because I needed to be here in this house with my friend. I needed to be distracted and to be a distraction. I needed not to be alone as this chapter closes and I needed to be a presence. I feel I needed a small piece of goodbye, of peace, of an ending, and now while I hope I never forget, I am ready to start the new school year. Start the next step.

I am not sure what will happen to this family. There is still so much uncertainty, but I have bared witness to their strength in the past, and I have no doubt that we will endure and grow in the places where we needed to.

Karen is gone, so there will be no hug goodbye and well wishes for my journey. No, “Love ya kiddo. Kiss those beautiful girls of yours.”

I am sad to be leaving, but so happy I came. It’s time to pack up and head home.

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