September 1, 2016

Next Stop Home

It hasn’t really hit me. What’s about to happen. After a fourteen hour day, I am about to get on a 27 hour flight. I am most looking forward to my time at Shanghai airport for six hours somewhere around dawn. I suppose in a way I am looking forward to getting a taste of what insanity might looks like. But really, at the end of the day, every experience is really just another good story. So in a bizarre way I am looking forward to the pain and misery of what is about to happen.

I will make my way through it and be in San Francisco. I will be with people I love, in a home I love. I am slowly shutting down my work brain, although it is flying at 100mph right now, and trying to unwind. Focus back on myself and my thoughts and my needs.

Thank you everyone who has ben so kind and thoughtful and supportive. I am not trying to martyr myself and it feels strange to live so openly with these post and then see people everyday at work, but thanks for reading and listening and being there.It means a lot.

Next stop. Home.

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