October 3, 2016

Ups and Downs

The Raiders are 3-1 and just beat a 3-0 team on the road. It was a nail biter. Again. But we pulled it off. It has been years since I have been this excited about football. We are legit and playing hard. All other AFC West teams, except for the 4-0 Broncos lost, as did the Niners. Life in sports is good. Had a great time hanging with friends watching the game and sampling 19 craft beers from the US. Sometimes you need a little Monday night bump to remind you that life is not all routines and work.

3-1 for a Raider fan is like the play off season. Bring on the Chargers!


Me to students today about publishing:

Publishing means that you want your work to be read. It could be a small circle of close friends or family, or if you are an egomaniac like me you want every word you think, read by everyone in the world. You believe that your ideas and the way you craft them are valuable and worthy of being read and shared and consumed and absorbed by as many people as possible. You believe that your life and the way you see the world and the way you draft your pose has value. You believe that writing is a way to be alive and being read feeds your soul. So you write. You write often and you shove your words down people’s throats, because you know that they will be better for it. It takes a while to cultivate this level of audacity, but as a writer it is what will carry you through. For now, just write and when you are ready you can publish to bigger and bigger audiences.

I took the bus home tonight, and if I ever should get on any kind of soapbox, please note that I got off the bus for another veggie burger meal at McDonalds, before I got on another bus home. It didn’t feel good waiting in line. And it didn’t feel good walking to the bus stop, but man did it feel good inhaling the thing.

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