November 21, 2016


Thank you for your concern. After my slightly dour post last night, several of you sent me private messages or came to check on me in person today. I felt others were treating me pretty gently today. I appreciate the support, but just know that I am fine. I am tried and stretched a bit thin and running out of things to say on some night when the gas tank is empty, but overall my moods are in flux. I hope that when I look back on the 365 posts I will have written this year that the trend is happy, hopeful, and hard working, but of course there will be a few posts like last night’s.

How could there not be?

I think most of us mask our funks, but I have chosen to give voice to every day and every emotion, so sometimes those voices sounds low and sad and upset, but that is not the complete picture.

I feel that I am in a state of metamorphosis these days. I have some big plans for the new year and I am sitting with them for this time period in a cocoon to see if I really want to commit to them or not.

I am riding out a stretch of working for twenty plus days without a weekend and after tomorrow night’s three-way conferences with parents, there will be some respite. The light at the end of this tunnel, that begin ironically on November 8th, is here tomorrow, so I will try and give voice to the other voices in my head.

The intolerant among us are claiming that the tolerant among us are being intolerant toward the intolerant among us.

So much so that the tolerant among us are starting to feel intolerant toward the intolerant among us.

I know for sure, because as someone who thinks of himself as the tolerant among us,

I am feeling quite intolerant against the intolerant among us even as they ask for tolerance from the tolerant among us.

But if the intolerant among us really wanted tolerance from the tolerant among us, they could start by showing a little tolerance toward the tolerant among us.

And as the tolerant among us, if our true nature is tolerance then shouldn’t we show some tolerance toward the intolerant among us?

But this is so hard, because by the very nature of tolerance, the tolerant among us have a hard time facing the intolerant among us,

because by the nature of the intolerant among us, the existence of the tolerant among us is in jeopardy.

Tolerance cannot survive with intolerance.

Intolerance can only be destroyed by tolerance.

This is our bind.

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