December 23, 2016

Be Better

I want things to be quiet and I want to be better.
I want to do things more deliberately and less habitually.
I want to stun a room into silence and take breaths away.
I want to create and carve and reconfigure.
I want to let the stirrings vibrate and hit the right notes.
I want my words to rumble, tumble and hit on impact.

I want to be more than your scroll and your feed.
I want to be more than liked.
I want to borrow into your thinking and force your heart to skip a beat.

I want the minutes to slow down and feel like hours, and these days like lifetimes.
I want to inspire you and share with you and shake you and wake you and remind you.

I want to please you.
I want to Leonard Cohen you.
I want to turn off the noise and ignore the mob and their voices.

I am tried of comment sections and blogs and social media and the accidental nonsense.
I am tired of options and pundits and comedians and experts and artists.

I want to stop ignoring every detail that demands my daily attention.
I want to breath in and out and be here now.
I want to disappear into the gentle silence of midnight.

The flickering lights
and consistent promises-
another decade is off and running.
A new year on the horizon.

With our eyes closed
I feel that chaotic night in the city
Gabe and I walking across the bridge at dawn
wondering if you would live.

Who could have guessed that a love so young
could have carried us so far.
Who knew how little, boys need, to be men.

All we ever wanted was to be better.

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