December 13, 2016

The Dystopian Age

I am left spent today. Lots of walking and being upright all day has left me exhausted. I literally stared at this blank screen and couldn’t muster enough energy to write about anything.

Rick Perry, Rex Tillerson, or even Linda McMahon? You don’t need me to point out the insanity.

I was telling Mairin at dinner that it is a bit refreshing to see this blatant political orgy happening out in the open. Sure why not? Let's have the CEO of Exxon, who happens to be buddies with Putin and waiting on a 2 billion dollar oil project, be the new head of diplomacy, so he can gear up to remove sanctions.

This is whole pre-inaugration is like a big middle finger to America. Build the narrative of a false mandate and then shove your most ludicrous people and ideas down our throats. It is insanity. I’ve said it before, but we are now living in the Dystopian Age. Things will only get more bizarre from here.

The very idea of America has begun to unravel. What happens next, no one will know. Will Rick Perry run the Department of Energy, the very department he couldn’t remember and then wanted to shut down, while he is Dancing With The Stars?

It’s all too much to handle. Everyday is another step into the darkness, and I am not sure if we are equipped as a nation to do anything but watch in abject horror. Have we built a system of education, organization, and resistance to help us survive?

We will wait and see…tonight, my foot is throbbing and I need to punch out.

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