December 25, 2016


I don’t normally write my daily post this early, it is only 4:15, but the house is tame and we are out to dinner with free flow drinks, so I won’t be in any shape later to write anything decent, and seeing that this is a Christmas post, I owe it more than a few drunken lines.

The girls are so excited to take a bath. They are in the tub with dolls and bath salts, as if this simple act is the greatest thing they have done all year. We have a tiny tub in our bathroom and no one ever uses it, expect for right now and man are they excited.

Mairin is taking a nap poor thing. She has been working so hard to finish off the school year, keep our family afloat, make a great X-mas for everyone and writing a paper for her masters course, among a million other things. She has been a true champion and her down time today has been well earned.

But it’s not like I have been doing anything to pick up the slack as there has been little slack to pick up…our day has been mellow.

Late wake up, 8:30am both kids, and opening presents. Lots of big ticket items this year, but feels like it was all useful stuff. We are now the proud owners of an X-Box One- not sure how a new gaming console is going to play out in our house, in terms of screen time and what not, but we were due. So far a few simple games and the kids are excited about Minecraft. The console came with The Division, an M18 post apocalyptic game set in NYC; I am a bit nervous about how much of my time this might take. I will proceed with caution.

The girls played. Mairin watched Gilmore Girls whilst sipping Prosecco and I watched the Raider game. Oh boy. What a game. It was amazing to see them dominating for a while and then bam! Just like that Carr out indefinitely. Trying not to let the injury affect my mood, but man 2016- You’re really killing me. It’s a team sport and we have a great team, but McGloin will have to be a super hero to pull this off. Now we see what happens in the next few weeks.

After the game, the girls messed around with my new amp. Then I had a few strums. I am excited to have my old Gibson out and resting in a stand next to this little amp. Looking forward to trying to learn a few solos and upping my guitar game in 2017. Anyone have any tips: video tutorials you love, scales I need to learn, online courses etc…would be great. Joel, Mike, Jeff, Roderick?

That’s about it. Mellow day playing with toys. I know it’s not the material things that are meant to be the focus, but let’s be real, until we (our family) chooses to do things differently, it feels nice to have some things that we enjoy. I feel that we didn’t over due it with junk this year and that eases my consumerist anxieties. And now, we are off to spend quality time with friends and eat some great food and drink some good drinks.

All in all this has been a fabulous Christmas day. I hope that no matter where you are, you are warm and safe and happy and spending time with your friends and family and maybe playing with a small toy that gets you excited.

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