February 19, 2018

privilege is

Privilege is the ability to leave, while others remain trapped by circumstance.

Privilege is choice and freedom and the ability to navigate between worlds. Privilege is the ability to voluntarily immerse yourself in the suffering of others, for the sake of self-righteous empathy. Privilege a photo op. Privilege is walking to the well to see how heavy forty litres of water can be and imagining ten kilometres, knowing that in a few days you will be taking twenty minute showers and eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Privilege is getting to know a person only by listening to their tragic stories and framing their existence by their net worth. Privilege taking a break from your week of roughing it with a nap by a pool and honey glazed, rosemary butter nut squash. Privilege is living by a different set of rules because of your birthplace and passport. Privilege is donating your left overs and feeling good about yourself, because you think you are helping. Privilege is having your lunch, fresh sandwiches with brie cheese, waiting for you on the way to the airport. Privilege is feeling guilt and shame, but doing little about it, convincing yourself that you are doing more than others. Privilege is looking out the window, sipping clean water and watching the latest Hollywood movies, as the airplane leaves and takes you home.

Privilege is knowing that you will not sacrifice more than you have to in order to maintain your privilege.

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