March 14, 2018

thoughts on Tuesday lunch duty, whilst bouncing a tennis ball in the humid tropical heat

I wonder how many tennis balls there are in the world.
On the planet. Right now.
How many swimming pools would they fill:
a pond, a lake, the Caspian Sea?

How many:
baby bottle nipples, used guitar picks, bowling shoes
and tractor tires.

Old projectors, rear seats,
restaurant grade refrigerators,
roulette wheels, golf clubs, and hand cuffs.

Leather desk sets, ascots, and hospital sheets,
persian carpets, beads, ice cube containers,
air conditioner filters and curtains.

Jet engine blades, classroom microscopes, pipelines,
unused candle wicks, zippers, door knobs
and Saxophones.

Disposable razors,
old radios, broken light bulbs
and dried up lighters

In what state of degradation and decay,
are the remains of our progress?

Where will all the shipping containers and tankers go when
we’re gone and the planet sighs a deep sense of relief?

Will they sink to the bottom of the ocean
like giant Tetris blocks, until there are so many
that they poke out like a rusted mountain range
or dilapidated sky scrapers?

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