March 24, 2006

Friday Night Live

Since I stopped drinking, my Friday nights, and subsequently my Saturday mornings, have become quite different, especially on the nights when my wife is out. Gone are the nights of staring down a few bottles of wine as the cigarettes melt away into the ashtray. These days I try to record a few songs, get some writing done, and maybe watch a movie. Tonight was no different. I pulled out the ole six-string and recorded the following songs. As always I wish I could actually sing them in a key, but I am patient, so I hope you are as well. Go to Intrepid Flame for a complete list of songs.

roses from my friends

father and son

wild world

where do the children play

these friday nights spent
alone without my crutches
i walk just as well


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    congratulations on quitting drinking. last night marked my foray into the same adventure. i quit smoking 5 months ago, too. i'm looking forward to many nights spent with my cacti and music instead of alcohol and nicotine.

  2. It is much easier than you would think.