March 31, 2006

I'm A Little Blog...

The Blogging world is an elaborate, complicated and frightening ocean for those of us who barely know how to swim in its established currents. Spend some time pursuing Blogs and you will be dumbfounded with the surplus of terms like: RSS Feeders, Blogshares. NeighBlogMap, Technorati, BlogWise-the list goes on and on. And if you are like me and have no idea what it all means you may feel a bit intimidated. But you take it slow and keep at it, learning as you go.

For starters, I have added my very own Shoutbox, a little goodie I found on CreativeCriminal Blog some guy in India who I found from WoosterCollective, to help me start a little dialogue with my readers. I’ve also added a counter to see if there actually are any readers! This brings me to my request: Although I have been force-feeding my close group of friends for years with my rants, diatribes and random thoughts by sending them reminders to stay tuned and read as I write, I would like to try and connect with the larger cyberworld. Like all Bloggers and most writers for that matter, I guess I have a need to know that someone out there may find what I am writing worth reading, and now as I enter the Blogging Ocean I want to see who is out there and what you have to say. I think writing and in turn Blogging maintains our primordial urge to connect with others, so we can maybe keep the doom and loneliness at bay a bit longer.

If you are a more experienced Blogger, please share your wisdom on how to have as many as people as possible read my blog. And if you are here at IntrepidFlameBlog even for a second, or if you have been at IntrepidFlame the website please drop a quick note in the Shoutbox, or comment on the posts you read, so I can start to gauge exactly who is out there and what you have to say.

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