April 17, 2006

Victims On Both Sides

I just saw a news report about a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The first thing that came to my mind was, “This isn’t going to be good for anyone.” With the Hamas embargo gaining power, Isreal/Palestine is headed for dark days. Then I thought about how much hate we weave into our human insecurities, and how religion does more harm than good. I thought of politics and pain. I thought of fear and terror. Where is our dialogue? Where did our naiveté and innocence go? Where is the love? From where does this confusion come? How much longer can this go on? After about a half hour of watching the footage, I started to wonder why it is that when there is a suicide bombing in Israel, there are cameras on site in minutes, they conduct, interviews and run an extensive report? But when Israel repeatedly bombs Palestine, builds a wall around the West Bank, demolitions entire buildings, kills young American girls with bulldozers, or terrorizes entire refugee camps, there is not even a mention in the CNN ticker? Maybe this one-sided approach is fueling the fire.

My thoughts are with the victims on both sides and hope that something will dilute this hatred. Maybe they can ask the God they both seem to value so highly for some peace. Or maybe they can look at themselves and stop being so frighten and simply talk. Either way, like I said this latest bombing is not going to be good for anyone.

We must remeber that these acts of violence are not one-sided. If you are asking yourself why the Palestinians are so angry, or why they are so violent? As I am sure the media has trained you to think. Please spend a few minutes and put yourself in the mind of this young boy. Peace will only occur when he is sitting in a classroom and no longer in a pile of rumble.

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