April 20, 2006

The Worst President in History?

I am not sure if there is anyone left out there who is dim-witted enough to still see anything worth while in good ole W, but if there are they should take a look at this article . That is if they can corral their attention spam long enough. I am also assuming, of course, that they can read.

Author’s note:

I am aware that it doesn’t take much courage or intelligence to take shots at this buffoon at this point in his career. It feels akin to kicking a man when he is down, but in my defense let me say that I have been trashing talking this chimp since his glory days of exploiting 9-11 and landing on aircraft carriers. I find it comforting that the rest of the country can finally see him for what he is: a brainless charlatan at best, or at worst a mad religious fanatics. I would like to think that I am above childish antics, but I am only human: I told you so!

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