May 7, 2006

No Coming, No Going

when embryo is waiting in mother earth’s womb in the east
grandma is waiting in the Green Dragon womb in the west

when embryo with locked feet and hands is floating
in the water sack
grandma is sitting with crossed legs holding hands in mudra

when embryo is getting ready to become he or she
grandma is getting ready to loose the concept of he or she

when embryo is listening to the outside world
grandma is listening to the inner world

when embryo is getting ready to enter the unknown world
grandma is getting ready to go to the unknown world

what is unknown to you is known to grandma
and what is unknown for her is known to you
you are coming
grandma is going

you will become grandma one day
grandma will become an embryo again one day
you become grandma and grandma becomes you

grandma sees and hears you in your mother’s womb
you see and hear grandma in Green Dragon’s womb
no separation between you and grandma
even with the distance of East and West
even with centuries of time
there is no space between us
there is no time between us

you are getting ready to be born
grandma is getting ready to die

is this the meaning of
no coming,
no going?

This poem was written by my mother, and I would like to thank both grandma and embryo for making my life such a wonderful experience. And of course let's not forget the most important person in this process, my wife. I would like to thank her for being so brave and for providing such a great womb!

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