July 6, 2006

Poetry Thursday

Another great site I have found to keep me motivated and inspired to produce some artwork is Poetry Thursday. For more info on this project check out the link in the side bar. In the mean time here is my first poem:


it is worrisome to consider
we are no more than these words.
beyond their meanings
animated flesh
gradually failing
evaporating dusk
becoming night

within this verse
we smolder
ready to burn


  1. I love this, especially the last 4 lines. To me it reads like the beginning of something, like there's more to come. What's behind why you feel this way? It makes me want to know more...could you say more?

  2. But would it be less poetic if more was said. The beauty in a poem is the interpretation, the gaps that are left for us to fill in.
    This poem is nice because it is like fine lace.

  3. Welcome to Poetry Thursday!

    Dang it, I can't remember who wrote the poem I'm thinking of, but your poem reminds me of the line about preferring to become ashes rather than dust. Very cool, or rather, hot.

  4. I like the last stanza (if that is indeed a stanza).

  5. It makes me want more, which is wonderful. I love the last stanza bit, as well.

    Welcome to Poetry Thursday (I'm a newbie, myself, ha.)

  6. i have to chime in with my enjoyment of this...especially the last four lines.

    Happy Poetry Thursday to you!

  7. Well, I think I'll go against the grain here and say I love the two opening lines. They make me want to read on. Without them, I might not get to the last four lines, which (as everyone else said) are wonderful.

    Welcome to Poetry Thursday.

  8. Welcome! Pithy and perfect. Each word works here.

  9. Hope we are more than just words
    Welcome to Poetry Thursday!

  10. There is a mystery here. On the one hand the words are all that will be left and that seems like a negative thing and yet there is life here-ready to burn and that is beautiful. Sort of a poetic thermodynamics.

    I just discovered Poetry Thursday as well. Just the thing to keep us stimulated and writing.

  11. I like the whole thing very much. But more important, when is the baby due?

  12. This is beautiful. So many different levels to it. finite. Death. passion.

  13. I like the duality I see in your poem, the way words are transcending but limiting all at once.

    There is something powerful lurking in the short description your words provide in this poem.

    (and congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!)