July 6, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

I recently found this great site called Self Portrait Challenge. For more info click here or check out the link in the side bar.

My first challenge is: Self portrait as … [insert word here - a metaphor for your life]

I chose Self Portrait as selfless

I have recently been reading a lot about the idea of selflessness. I don’t mean selfless as in generous or kind, but the idea of no self, the idea that neither our bodies, minds, feelings nor perceptions are separate, that we, all beings, are in fact one large self. We suffer when we try to separate ourselves from each other and claim to have an independent self.

One includes all, and all include one.
This portrait is me as all and all as me, in the form of this tree in my backyard:


  1. That is simply beautiful.

  2. there is a river of light that connects all beings.

    How's your wife doing? The baby watch begins. Should all bloggers do a poll to see when the baby arrives? You best post on my blog to let this grandmother know!

  3. Hi, I just joined the challenge as well. Your photograph represents your meaning well. What book are you reading? If you don't mind sharing. I'd be interested in reading this.

  4. The idea of selflessness is a major tenet of Zen Buddhism, and this idea can be explored in many books. But I just finished one called Old Path White Clouds, which inspired this portrait. For more on the this book read this.

  5. The link is acting werid. I wrote a post about the book. look under my June archives. Oh and Divajood, trust me the world will know when she comes.

  6. Oh, so lovely. It looks warm and wonderful where you live.

  7. I like to believe we are all connected, one entity. Beginning to search through blogs made me keenly aware of this. No longer an island. Scary at first...(didn't expect "fear" to be my first reaction..surprised myself). Then joy that others are searching...feeling...exploring....trying to make sense of all of it. Cheesy but "love", that agape kind of love, seems to be the only thing that truly breaks that wall of separateness and brings me closer to LIVING AS THOUGH WE ARE ALL ONE. Great blog. Got me thinking.

  8. Beautiful idea!