August 10, 2006

Back To School

I have finally established a small readership and it may appear that I have abandoned you. I guess the realities of life are catching up to me. School started this week, and I am back in the classroom. Life has been busy, and I have been lax with my blogging duties. If you were a regular reader this summer, please continue to check into Intrepid Flame; I will try and post at least once a week. I will also be vigilant to stay up to date with my Self-Portraits (I love this project) and Poetry Thursday. The intensive political discussions may have to take a back seat, and I guess that’s not a bad thing.

I also apologize for the reduction in comments on the blogs I have been reading all summer. I will just say that I will read when I can and keep up the good work.

I will leave you with a MUST SEE MOVIE. Please rent and/or by the movie Why We Fight. It will not teach much new if you are somewhat aware of the military industrial complex and the affects of war profiteering on the American democracy, but it is a very well done easy to follow piece of film making. If however you are not to familiar with how the US defense department works please watch this movie.


  1. tried leaving you a comment last night- but hey- blogger was maintaining again. we will be here when you can be here. kiss your wife and daughter much and spend your time loving them first- and use whatever spare time after your portraits and poetry to blog. we'll be here.

  2. Dave just bought this movie today - was watching it in the car on his way to work. Have yet to watch it myself but he said it was brilliant.