August 13, 2006

Everything is Easy

Growing up, on any given Sunday the song Our House by Crosby, Stills, and Nash could be heard playing at top volume from our house. My father, camera in hand, would prance around the house as the music washed over us, taking pictures of everything. When I was younger, I sat and watched him with awe; the older I became the more embarrassed I was of his antics.

Today, I was out in the yard barbecuing some veggie dogs, giving the cats some air, while the baby slept, and that song came into my head. It made such perfect sense at that one moment that I felt the need to document the perfection. This post is for you dad if you are reading.

I'll light the fire
You place the flowers in the
That you bought today

Staring at the
For hours and hours
While I listen to you
Play your love songs
All night long for me
Only for

Come to me now
And rest your head for just
five minutes
Everything is good
Such a cosy room
The windows are illuminated
By the sunshine through
Fiery gems for you
Only for you

house is a very, very fine house
With two cats in the
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy
'Cause of you
And our la,la,la, la,la etc

And our

I'll light the fire
And you place
the flowers in the vase
That you bought today

And to my lovely wife: I love you so much. Thank you for creating this world with me.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I blasted that song in my back yard many a time. Me planting flowers, my husband barbecuing something, and my two cats sniffing around in their natural wild way. Then my two cats became 8 and there went the song....and later the husband....but hey, what a blissful moment it was. Life is beautiful and it's cool for you to be in that place!! Thanks for reminding me of my moment! - Vero (aka Paloma Negra)

  2. Those are beautiful cats.

  3. hey- your cats look similar to my isaac. he is the same color and markings. he isn't nearly as independent though. in fact he is sitting here next to me needy for attention.

  4. I think I am going to have to get a couple of kittens after I come back from Bhutan in the fall. Too sweet.

  5. mehran3:08 AM

    How beautiful.

  6. Mehran3:10 AM

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