August 12, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

I gave the baby a bath, made dinner (grilled veggies and Spinach ricotta raviolis.) while my wife put her to sleep, corresponded with a friend about Marx’s thoughts on alienation, read a few blogs, read some news, checked to see what is going on on the Pearl Jam website, and now it is now ten o’clock, and I am crawling into bed to read the autobiography of Gandhi, which is slow reading and surprisingly not very good. I am 200 pages into the 500-page tome, and I am ready to read something else. I hope it gets better soon.

This may not sound like the most exciting Saturday night, but it is the kind I find very enjoyable lately.


  1. welcome to the 'grown up' world :) i find just that kind of evening(minus the baby stuff since we don't have one) a perfect one. enjoy!!

  2. Having just come home, off of a 13 hour work-day and the weight of knowing there is another one tomorrow - I stumble into your fever and find I am jealous.