September 24, 2006

A General Overview Of Things

Last Friday night while browsing the bookstore, I became overwhelmed with how much I don’t know and how much knowledge I still want to devour. This feeling of being engulfed by the power of books hits me everytime I go to the bookstore. After about an hour of scanning everything from some book on the American theocracy to mulling over trying another Edward Said book, I decided that I needed to start building my collection of poetry books. So I sauntered over to the poetry section and I pondered. I sat on the floor and I skimmed. I read poems: Rilke, e.e cummings, even some Frost, when I settled on a delightful little book of poems by William Carlos Williams. All I knew of him were the plum poem and his homage to the Red Wheelbarrow. But now, I am slowly consuming his poems one by one, and I would highly recommend his work. Later, I made my way to the music section and picked up Bruce Springsteen’s latest, a tribute to Pete Seeger’s protest music. It is a raucous blend of guitar, trombone, trumpet, washboard and fifteen other instruments, layered over some great old fashion folk music.

Saturday night, I had promised a friend that I would go and photograph his band at the local bar. I hadn’t realized how long it has been since I was last in a bar. I used to live in bars. I loved going to them. The wood, the smoke, the music. Bars were my natural environment. Things have changed since I stopped drinking. I spent the night taking photos, but the atmosphere was so depressing. Looking around with a sober eye, I just found the darkness discomforting. I came home and stunk of cigarette smoke, so much so that I had to shower. I can’t believe I didn’t used to notice this stink. Anyway, they say that photography is the ability to capture light. So here are two photos from last night. I would love to have some of you write some poems or something about the following images and post them on the comments section.

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