October 7, 2006

A Special Comment About Lying

It was 1992, and I had recently graduated from high school. Or was it 93’, 94’? Wow! Were the nineties that much of a blur. Anyway, I was living with three of my guy friends and I still watched Sports Center. I guess because my roommate watched every night, and I still pretended like I gave a shit about sports. Actually, I did care back then. Michael Jordan was still around and there was always Keith Olbermann to make even baseball seem interesting. His wit, sharp crisp style of narrating the daily sporting news made him easy to watch, and even then, I could recognize the intellectualism he was bringing into millions of testosterone filled homes on a nightly basis. He was the thinking mans sports anchor. His blank expression and dry tone redefined how sports news was broadcast.

I have recently been pleasantly surprised to realize that the same Olbermann has turned his attention to the state of politics in the US. Week after week, I read his insightful, honest, emotional accounts of how the Bush administration is dragging this country into the gutter. Living overseas, unfortunately, I can’t watch him actually deliver his Murrow like tirades, but reading them, doesn’t make them any less acerbic.

See for yourself. Thank god someone is saying things like this on national television. I wonder how long it will last.


  1. http://bushmerika2.blogspot.com/

    chuck has an olbermann corner on the right sidebar- so enjoy when you can't see him :)

  2. I sat next to Olbermann a few weeks ago at the closing session of the Clinton Global Initiative. I didn't even notice him there until someone came up to shake his hand. Very unasumming and down to earth. Could anyone describe ANY commentator on the right in those terms? I doubt it.

  3. Thanks for the link ... It's refreshing to see someone speaking the truth, for once.

  4. Colin:

    You mean Coultor, Limmbugh, Hannity, or O'Reily are not unassuming?

    (note: read with heavy sracastic tone.)