December 18, 2006

Haiku For Simon

cat pees on the couch
takes kindness and compassion
not to be angry


  1. Oh I love Haiku. I love the simplcity of it. Just a few words to tell a story..

    Hey there, you posted on my blog, wondering about the Redwood shirt... I want to sell them, definitely. It makes me so happy that you like the design, I need that kind of feedback. I am researching companies right now to buy the t-shirts, I need to find an affordable yet responsible company. I just can't support company that not ecologically and socially responsible or at least working towards it.

    But..... Yes, yes I will be selling them along with some other designs that will be posted soon. I can keep you posted.

  2. That Simon! He's a big cat, so I'm sure he leaves quite a mark ;) I can only hope it's the couch that's all scratched up already and not the beautiful throne I was sitting on last weekend!

  3. poor simon. i am sure that it was an accident.

    accident on couch
    running, screaming, cleaning up
    no treats for simon