December 18, 2006

Self-Portrait Challenge- Red Eyes

Red is a color charged with emotion - fierce and strongly felt emotion. Extreme feelings, hot tempers, blood and violence. Red is the color of radical barbaric deeds, and of love and passion. Red expresses energy and fire and excitement and exhaustion. Red is excessive and rich and hot and sexual and exciting. Red is fun and fruity and luscious and sexy. Red is the color of desire, of anger and of power.

This month’s challenge is the color red, and reading over the list of things that red is supposed to be, the only one that made sense to me this weekend was: EXHAUSTION! My wife had a lingering cold all last week, and Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I had had my ass kicked. Add to that the fact that our five month old daughter was under the weather too and feeling crankier than usual, we were hosting a party at our house that night, and you will see why I didn’t have much energy left over for this weeks pictures. For the record being sick with a child is whole different monster than being sick by yourself.

I hope the image speaks for itself this week. It is Monday morning and I am back at work; I will be going back to the states in a few days and am ready for a much needed break.


  1. I just keep getting an error messsage for the photo. :-/

    I hope everyone gets well soon!

  2. The thought of doing red eyes crossed my mind too - my eyes are always red because I don't get enough sleep! I like your take on it. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. hopefully you all are feeling better! that gives a whole new meaning to those visine commercials to get the red out!! :)